Amanda Hocking Inspires

Switched (Trylle Novel)

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When I first go my Nook, I discovered Amanda Hocking's book, Switched on Barnes and Nobles Steals and Deals (Re-released today) At the time, I wouldn't dream of giving good money out for an eBook and decided I could handle the .99 cents or it might have been free...Switched cost and I downloaded it. (My husband forced the Nook on me at Christmas and I wasn't sold on how awesome it could be yet. I love it, by the way-Go Nook!)

I didn't know she was an indie author and I didn't even know the term indie at the time. I loved the book and quickly finished the series. I looked her up and discovered what an amazing thing she'd pulled off with the success of her books-on her own!

Not long after that, I had to make a decision about my own publishing future. She inspired me to take the leap into the unknown and instead of signing with an agent or publishing house, I decided to indie publish my suspense novel, Watched
 Thanks Amanda!

And while some, jealous silly people, called her a traitor for signing with a big publishing house - it made me feel even better about her and the possibility of huge success for all indie authors.

I went one step further than she did by pushing the print copy of Watched, too. I really wanted to see my books on bookstore shelves. What can I say? I love knowing thousands of my books are on people's shelves at home.

Hooray for Pioneers like Amanda! I wish you continued success!
Click on her name to find out more about her.

My friend, Susan, is helping with the launch. Go see what she has to say, here. 

Who has inspired you?