Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi - A Review

What I'm reading now - Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
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Under the Never SkyThis book echoed of the Ugly series to me. I loved the Ugly series.

Aria lives in Reverie where the governement protects the people and provides their every need at the cost of their freedom. The citizens use an eyescreen to escape reality and live in a virtual world which takes over their lives.They do not experience life like we do.

Of course many in the pods want to experience what they aren't allowed to and Aria sneaks out with a girl friend and two boys, including the son of a political leader, to explore the old ways.Something snaps in the boys and they try to hurt her. In the struggle, a fire breaks out and everyone's lives are in danger. Not only must she escape the boys, but also the fire. She is knocked out and someone saves her.

The son of the powerful man in politics is the one that freaked out and tried to hurt Aria and to protect him, the father expels her from the safety of the pods into the death shop.Now she must become one of them, the outsiders, that she has feared her whole life. She must learn to survive. Luckily, a cute guy is there to help her on her journey.

Unfortunately, she ends up having sex with the boy and it makes it seem like it is normal and natural with no consequences whatsoever. She's a teen for heaven's sake-there are always consequences.

So, thumbs down for teens and because the sex is not graphic, thumbs up for adults.

I like the world Rossi has created and look forward to the sequel.