Happy Halloween Hi Jinks #5 Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween Hi Jinks #5  Halloween Decorations

I love to decorate for Halloween!
All the other holidays slide past me without much fanfare, but Halloween is so much fun, I spend hours decorating.  I thought I'd give one of you lucky followers something
every Friday this month
to either add to your collection or to help you start one.

Todays prizes are Eerie icons mirror stickers: a spider and a skull and crossbones.
Want to know how to enter?  
#1 Follow this blog-mandatory
#2 Follow my Watched blog-mandatory
  and for extra spooky entries-only if you want ...
         #3 like my Watched facebook page (+2)
         #4 Follow iwritenetwork blog (+2) p.s...you could win cool books by following
         #5 Join iwritenetwork/ning (+2) p.s...you can win a 30 page edit by joining and this Sat. at nine a.m. you'll learn about outlining by an awesome author.
***Just leave me a comment with your point count and how you earned them and you're in the running.

Last, but not least, some fun with Larry Brooks and Story Engineering-short and sweet

The Final Act according to Larry.

To have an effective part 4 or final act

1.  No newcomers are allowed
2.  The hero is the catalyst for the end
     a. He must conquer his inner demons and demonstrate that he has learned something big

You must strategize from the beginning of the story how to get to the final act....

I never did. It just happened how it happened...is that bad? Did you strategize and plan the path to your final act?

Happy strategizing