Halloween Hi Jinks #7 Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

Writing-the craft and Halloween Hi Jinks #7

It's Friday again and you could win  a cool little ceramic pumpkin candle. I wanted to put a picture here, but my daughter took the camera to Oregon with her...so, you'll just have to believe me when I say it's super cute and will help you get some decorating done for Halloweeen. I'll try to post a picture on Monday when she gets back.

First off, if you haven't been over to the iwritenetwork site, now's the time. Tomorrow morning, Sat., at 9 am MST, best selling author,Tristi Pinkston, will be chatting with us. You don't want to miss it.

My first book signing was a blast
Next....Head on down to the Barnes and Noble in Orem between 1-4 for a real awesome treat! Like 30 authors will be there signing their books at an awesome Authorpalooza. I'd love to meet ya'll. Come say hi!

Now to Story Engineering...while Larry can be a rambling sort of guy that repeats himself over and over in his book, he does direct  you to a couple of awesome resources he has created.

The first is a fantastic printable. It is his book summed up in one page. Go get it and use it this next month while you get ready for Nano or while you work on Nano next month. This is an invaluable resource.
  Click here. Larry is cool so pick up Story Engineering at Amazon.com.

The other awesome resource is a questions list he has compiled to help you create your best book ever. It is at the same link above.
 Story Engineering

Happy story engineering!