Who is Poppy and What's in his Playpen?

Tidbits from my Travels by William

While walking into a Florida grocery store recently, I saw something that made me die laughing.  Remembering the old saying, "take a picture, it lasts longer"...I did just that.  I snapped a few pics of a van parked in one of the handicapped stalls.  On the van's rear spare tire cover the words, "Poppy's Playpen" were painted on.  The personalized license plate read U-DA-VAN.

I laughed my way into the store.  I kept wondering if I would see Poppy shopping inside.

What would he look like?  Would I notice him when I saw him?

I kept wondering what type of person would drive that van.  I really wanted to see Poppy to confirm my preconceived notions.

I finished my shopping and walked back to my car, passing Poppy's Playpen for the second time.  If I did run into him in the store, I never knew it.

When the van's a rockin, don't go knockin!