Touching the Mast of a Sunken Ship

Tidbits from my Travels by William

Can you imagine getting tired of lying around on the beach and swimming in Aruba? That’s exactly what happened to us. We needed some excitement and it came in the form of an awesome sailing and snorkeling excursion-which, we got for a pretty good deal since we were there on the off-season. 

As our sail boat prepared to leave the dock, our Dutch Captain and his two first mates introduced themselves and told us what we had in store.

Our first stop was a family friendly spot to snorkel.  The water was shallow and clear.  The fish were plentiful and the water temperature comfortable.  This was no doubt a favorite snorkeling spot as there were several other boats already there. 

Our second stop was at a sunken WWII freighter.  Although the water was much colder since we were in deeper water, the wow factor was now higher and we didn’t mind the chillier water. We even got to touch the mast.  How many people get to say they were able to snorkel around a sunken ship?

Sandwiches, fruit and drinks were part of the package deal.  Even though it really wasn’t enough food to fill you up, it was sufficient since it’s hard to eat on a sail boat.

This sailing/snorkeling excursion was one of the highlights to our Aruba trip.  If you’re ever on the fence about the decision to take one of these excursions or not, just remember, my wife doesn’t really care for boats and water and she loved it.  Don’t wait until there’s nothing else to do to join a Dutch Captain for a sail—you never know what you’ll find.