Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater-a review

Shiver is about a girl, Grace, who gets mauled by some werewolves but is then saved by one who has some kind of a connection with her. Grace later discovers this werewolf, Sam, turns into a boy when it's warm. When they finally meet, it's love at first sight. The challenge then becomes how to keep him from turning into a wolf once Summer is over.

This book is a slow moving study of the relationship between Grace and Sam. At times I wondered if anything was ever going to happen and then little, lovely things would. It wasn't until the last fifty pages that I couldn't put it down.

This book is told from both Grace's and Sam's point of view and I had a hard time knowing who's point of view I was in while reading. Stiefvater tries to make sure you know by telling you in the heading of each chapter, but these two characters were so alike, I'd forget in the middle of a chapter. Not good. I really like both characters, but I need something to happen other than normal life to keep me engaged.

I have the second, Linger, and will give it a shot. Hopefully, it will continue to move fast, like the end of Shiver, but if I have to make myself read, it's going to be abandoned.