Babysitting Horrors

A bit of silliness by Bethany

I'm sure most people have babysat at least once in their life. Even if it's just a family member, maybe you can relate.

I've been babysitting one of the cutest little girls you'll ever meet. It's been a long day and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's tired.

I walk into the kitchen and she looks at me with these big eyes full of wonder and then a smile comes across her face, showing all her tiny teeth. Then I see it. Her poopy diaper sitting on the floor. Poop everywhere. I had only left her alone for  a mere thirty seconds while I went to get a new diaper and wet wipes.

She laughs even though it's not funny. Not only is the poop on the floor, it's on the wall, cabinets and all over her hands.

I wipe it off her, put her in the bath and sure enough, she pees in the bathtub. Wanting to yell, I bite my tongue. I pull her gently out of the tub, drain it and fill it with new water. By the time she is done, I am covered in bubbles and soaking wet. I can't help but laugh.  Finally, I put her to bed.

Unfortunately, a stinky mess waits for me in the kitchen.